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About Box

Box helps advertisers with audience data for viewership data, TV ratings and re-targeting of ads, while it helps set top box users with lesser and relevant ads along with custom relevant offers from advertisers in real time.

Viewership Data

Box reads pixel codes embedded in each ad using pixel technology of admybrand and help advertisers with data on who has seen your ad. It also helps to categorize viewership data into key demographics - age wise, gender wise, family size wise and more.

Placement data

Our servers continuously live stream TV channels and detect & map pixel detection data on second by second basis. This helps us to detect not only ad placement data but we can also check if ad is not placed in certain area/devices on configuration of OTT based ads by broadcaster.


Box allows advertisers to identify users and also their web & social media presence with the help of big data collaboration that we have with various apps and OTT service providers. This helps advertisers to leverage the admybrand big data platform and brands can re-target ads on other mobile apps & social media.

Relevant Ads

Instead of multiple and random ads on OTT sites like Netflix and Amazon Prime and on TV, use of box allows us to identify relevant ads for users and we show you lesser and more relevant ads on TV sets. This helps users to know more only about brands and products they are interested in.

Customized Offers

Use of box allows users with custom notifications and call to action for your favorite items or in case they are interested to interact with any TV ad. Box allows users to easily opt-in and opt-out for any offers, promo or contest shown on TV show or TV ad, it also allows you to directly push any product you like to your Cart on e-commerce sites.

Save Money

Use of box allows users to subscribe for awesome discounts, offers, deadly sales and pre-access to few of the best online shopping festivals. They can also add item to their virtual cart to remind them to buy a product when they visit their nearest super market next time allowing users to save lot of bucks on their shopping.

How Box Works?

Get Box

Check if your set top box provider is already a box affiliate. In case your set top box company is affiliated with box, you can easily register for box by enabling the feature calling your set top box provider, else reach out to us here.

Enable Box

If your set top box provider is a box affiliate visit to their website to enable box on your set top box. In many cases you might have already enabled the feature during your sign up with the service provider or while paying for your monthly bills. You can also enable the box on your set top box from here.

Review Settings

After successfully opting for the service, you can review your settings for box with the same page from where you have booked box or from settings page of your set top box company. You are required to enable "allow data share" option from your set top box company page in order for box to work properly.

Enable Notification

Once you configure box, all you require is to enable push notifications on your phone especially from partner apps of box and from e-commerce companies.This allows us to push relevant notifications to you via mobile apps and also allows us to seek your permission for adding any relevant items for you to your shopping cart on various e-commerce sites.

Subscribe for Box today!

Box allows you to turn your set top box into smart box allowing you to see lesser and relevant ads while also showing interest on products of your choice and shopping them while on sale or attractive offers. Check out if your set top box company is associated with Admybrand's box. If they are not: do speak to them or drop mail to us here. Set top box companies looking to associate with us and leverage their presence across households by facilitating targeting tfor advertisers drop us a line here.